Listen to a taste of this.

Native American Honey was able to spend New Year’s Eve in Phoenix Arizona and had one of the greatest time to be able to see The Chainsmokers. This was the very last song they had played during their set, which made the feels even more spectacular for the beginning of a new year. New Year’s Eve was one memorable night that made me realize to let go of any negative burdens that I’ve held onto in 2016. With a simple action from me, by removing myself from any negative situation and by kindly ignoring one’s words but still continue to love those who have persecuted me. From that realization and that out of body experience that I had felt, I mentally made a list of goals for myself to continue to grow strong mentally, shine beneath a positive light and gravitate towards a spiritual path. Being that the night had ended too quickly,  I had left with a high note in a high sense of enlightenment and a heightened sense. I’m enjoying this new awareness and definitely want to follow through with that instinct. All Love. Peace.

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