How should we put this? …

We want to wish you a Happy and safe Valentine’s Day. From the “Romans slaying and sacrificing animals in which it was used to abuse women, to the executions of two men of who were named Valentine,” (, Web) and all with a little sprinkle of Shakespeare writings that fished it’s way towards The New World. We… Continue reading How should we put this? …

*About us: Native American Honey

Here’s a little something about us. Native American Honey began as a daily assignment for us and gradually turned into something greater. We chose the name Native American Honey to have a sense of identity to be brought to light in this constant and ever changing planet earth. While my time on Earth, I’ve ran… Continue reading *About us: Native American Honey

Listen to a taste of this.

Native American Honey was able to spend New Year’s Eve in Phoenix Arizona and had one of the greatest time to be able to see The Chainsmokers. This was the very last song they had played during their set, which made the feels even more spectacular for the beginning of a new year. New Year’s… Continue reading Listen to a taste of this.

Listen to a taste of this.

What better way to end this year on our blog? Well, we thought we’d give you one of our many favorite song. We hope you enjoy this on your commute to work, class or perhaps if your just now waking up to the sound of your alarm. Enjoy and have a happy new year. Peace and… Continue reading Listen to a taste of this.

Listen to a taste of this.

Peace. Good night.

Menswear Trend

Perhaps, our favorite to wear. Pretty much set for winter. All love.

Listen to a taste of this.

To all the ladies, this is for you. Peace.